If you want to move to the Netherlands, you will face a number of challenges. We at Goossens Vastgoed know the market very well and know what to look out for.

  • Language barrier. Our purchase broker speaks fluent English and German. This enables us to convey what the sales agent tells you during a viewing and to answer your questions immediately. It is also useful for you to master the Dutch language.
  • We help you find a suitable home.
  • We know Limburg very well and will help you find a place where you feel comfortable. We can inform you where shops, good schools, public transport and other facilities are located.
  • We inform you about the Dutch system. It is very important that you know which regulations and legislation apply.
  • We have a large network of financial advisers and we can guide you through this if required. always consult your financial adviser.


Buying a house is not an everyday occurrence for most people. You are facing one of the most important decisions in your life. It is exciting! You have a lot to deal with in a short space of time. In addition, you are dealing with a professional estate agent who has a different goal from you. Therefore, call on the knowledge and experience of Goossens Vastgoed. We know the area like the back of our hand and look at a house differently from you. In addition, we will advise you at every stage of the purchase process on matters you should take into account. This will save you a lot of time and we will ensure the best conditions so that you can later enjoy your new home without any worries.

We go through the entire process together with our client. From the intake to the transfer at the notary. We do not provide financial advice on obtaining the mortgage ourselves. This is work for a financial specialist. But if you wish, we do assist you in this process and can attend appointments with you. By having a sharper understanding of your entire situation, we can advise you even better when buying a suitable home.

The benefits

You benefit from several advantages when you engage us. We list a few for you:

Dash ahead of the seller/selling broker: if you let us assist you in the purchase of a house, this also has a benefit for the selling broker. The selling broker can assume that the process is going well. After all, you are well prepared. As a result, no surprises are to be expected. This is pleasant for you, but also for the sellers!

Broad knowledge and extensive experience: we know the housing market in the region and take current and possible future situations into account.

From intake to transfer: we go through the entire process together with you as our client. We delve into your situation and see what is most compatible with it in terms of offers. By gaining a better understanding of your situation, we can advise you even better on the purchase of a suitable home and relieve you of worries throughout the process.

Legal, financial and construction expertise: Goossens Vastgoed ensures that the sales contract is correct and that the requirements set during negotiations with the seller are formulated correctly. Because of our financial expertise with cooperating parties, we can assist you with advice regarding financing. Due to our construction expertise, we can identify any risks.

Large network: if we find additional expertise necessary, we can always fall back on our extensive network of, among others, contractors, construction experts, financial specialists, painters, pool specialists, interior designers, notaries, tax specialists, technical installers and carpenters.

Limited and result-oriented costs: with us, you pay a percentage of the purchase price with a fixed floor rate. If we achieve a favourable negotiation for you, you also pay a small percentage of the difference between asking price and purchase price. In this way, your interest is also our interest. The lowest possible cost! If you don't find your dream home, don't worry: Goossens Vastgoed works on a no cure, no pay basis.

In short, we believe in full guidance including good, independent advice at transparent and fair costs.